Tahsun Ferdous Preety
May 2, 2014
loved it today.. it was a great #flashback indeed !!! loved how Tawsif sir presented everything..loved the fun we did and the best part was the photosession part I am seriously going to miss these days !! guys do not get SEPARETED just stay connected #vh_flashback #hellyaahhh I LOVE YOU ALL oh yeh last of all
Tawsif Alam Khan sir u simply deserve a status for organising such an awsome flash back and sir through out this journey of mine u have truly been an inspiration jodio amake onek pera disen but sir u are simply awsome and I will always remember this may 14 batch PS AS a ferot ashbo jokhon tokhon kom pera diyen xD
Laisha Aziz
May 2, 2014
Today had a great tym with all of you...The best Flashback,, it was just too awesome...Thanks to Tawsif vaiya for teaching us Accounting in such an awwesomee way...You taught us the real stuff "accounting" for last 1year...rather than those phoney-school stuffs... Thanks for supporting and encouraging us always in each n every step.... Thanks to Fahim vaiya Maruf vaiya Inzamamul vaiya and Rasel vaiya... You guys r just awesome... It was really a great journey with all of u... #vhfamily #vh_accounting_department #ROCKzZzZz !!!!!
Abid Rashid
May 2, 2014
#VHFLASHBACK- a great concept and a great support for us, by only one the 'BOSS- Tawsif Sir.' Thankyou bhaiya for all your support and inspiration towards us. It's been a great journey with #VHACCOUNTING_DEPT with of course Inzamamul,Fahim and Maruf bhaiya, really going to miss the classes.
Just had an splendid day indeed with all my FRIENDZZ and many more !!!