Unit : 1 - The Accounting Systems & Costing


The AS Accounting – Unit 1 – represents 50 per cent of Advanced GCE. The AS unit will assess the knowledge, understanding and skills expected of students who have completed the first half of the full Advanced GCE course.

Subject Code: WAC11

Paper Details: Unit 1 paper is of 3 hrs and is divided into two Sections to enable an appropriate range and style of questions to be presented. Section A will contain two questions, of which candidates will be required to attempt both. Section B will contain four questions, of which candidates will be required to attempt three questions. Each question in Section A will be allocated 55 marks and each question in Section B will be allocated 30 marks. In total 200 marks is allocated which will be converted to 300 marks for grading.

Grading Policy: Candidates will be awarded from A* - G grade according to the following grade boundary. A* at 270, A at 240, B at 210, C at 180, D at 150 and G below 150.


  • Accounting Concepts & Principle
  • Capital & Revenue Expenditure
  • Non Current Asset & Depreciation
  • Bad Debts & Provision for Doubtful debts
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Control Account
  • Suspense & Errors
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Labour Costing
  • Job Costing
  • Overhead Distribution
  • Sole Tradership - Final Account
  • Departmental Business
  • Manufacturing Business
  • Non Profit Organization
  • Partnership Business
  • Incomplete Records – Single Entry
  • Social & Ethical Accounting
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in Accounting
*DOWNLOAD - IAL Accounting New Specification
First examination based on new specification for will start from May 2016 for AS and May 2017 for A2.
IAL Accounting Syllabus - May 2016.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 252.2 KB
*DOWNLOAD - IAL Accounting New Sample Assessment Paper
AS & A2 Sample Question Paper & Mark Schemes
IAL Sample Assessment Paper.pdf
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Lecturer: Tawsif Alam Khan

Teacher Assistants: Ashfaqur Rahman

Course Duration:

Long Course is for 10/ 12 months. Three classes of 1 hour and 30 mins each will be conducted per week. Syllabus will be completed within first six months and in last four months revision and 10 mock examination will be conducted.

Course Fees:

Admission fee is 1000 BDT and monthly fee is 3500 BDT. Upto 90% Financial Aid is available based on O’level result. Students had to clear their monthly fees within first seven days of each month.

Required Text Book:

1)      AS Accounting Source Book by Tawsif Alam Khan

2)      AS Accounting Question Bank, VH Publication.

3)      Cambridge AS & A ‘Level by Harold Rendell

4)      A ‘level Accounting by Frank Wood & Alan Sangster

First two books are only available in VH Photocopy centre and other books are also available in local market.